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Hello, all.

My boyfriend and I want to dress up for Halloween as Penny and Dr. Horrible. I'm really excited, but I'm a little worried about my costume. I feel like I have to try really hard to pick just the right pieces, while he knows the exact typical stuff to get. I've narrowed it down to Penny's costume from the death scene. She is wearing the purple dress with a black belt and a white cardigan. I have not had any luck yet finding a similar dress! I joined this community hoping that maybe someone could help me out. Thanks guys!


*EXACT* Lab Coat Fabric Found!

Hey everyone. You might remember me as the guy who won't just go with "close enough."

After tracking down 100+ year old buttons identical to the ones on the actual costume, finding a pair of the proper/discontinued Fibre-Metal welding goggles, designing an accurate caduceus, and just happening to look a lot like NPH, I only had one major challenge left... the lab coat.

There are plenty of great lab coats out there, but to me, they are all lacking. They all seem to miss some rather obvious details. (Obvious to me anyway) So after spending over a year studying the lab coat, and having a pattern drafted, I just had to find the fabric.

As some of you know, the lab coats were originally made for the movie Aliens. That movie was released 25 years ago, in 1986, so the likelihood of finding the right fabric was slim to none.

So I hit every single fabric store I could find, asked around, contacted suppliers, talked to people about reweaving the fabric, and so on, I had almost given up. Then one day, I visited a fabric store I had been meaning to stop in for a long time...and there it was. A whole bolt of fabric...IDENTICAL to what was used for Dr. Horrible's labcoat!

The fabric was marked as being discontinued so I quickly bought enough to make two labcoats. (A red and an ivory one) And now I just need to practice my sewing skills and move onto actually making the coat.

Anyway, enough yapping, here's a picture of it and it's extremely rare, extremely narrow herringbone weave:

My Hammer is tingling!

Groupie help

 I'm trying to find a picture for the Captain Hammer groupie shirt--I want a ladies size shirt but unfortunately the website only sells mens :( Does anyone have the image large enough for a t-shirt transfer? 

Alternately, I'm also looking for the Captain Hammer graphic (the image I found in an earlier post no longer works) for my co-costumer.
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Me and My Goggles!

Well my goggles finally came in the other day, and I couldn't help but try a few Dr. Horrible faces out with them on. My favorite was this "lamenting Billy" face:

Having the proper goggles just makes a world of difference. It makes me really feel like I AM Dr. Horrible! I'm tempted to take one of my more well-worn headstraps and painting one side black (or attaching it to another thin piece of black elastic) to REALLY make it screen accurate...but I have time to decide that.

...Now onto the rest of the costume. Wish me luck.

My Goggle Hunt Officially Ends!

Last you guys heard, I had found goggles with the identical shape and size, just in a different color, with a different headstrap, and different vents; all things I had the parts to fix.

In the back of my mind though, I knew I would never be satisfied until I had real, original silver Fibre-Metal Goggles...and, well, I just found them!

I just paid for them and they should be shipped to me very shortly. It doesn't get any better than "the real thing" so I'm deeming my goggle hunt over.

Enjoy these pictures I got from the seller (and now previous owner):

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I Own THE Goggles!!!

This picture should speak for itself. I'm so excited! All the details are right, the body shape, the T-Hinge on top, the two guide hinges on either side, the eye cups, the flip front, etc...

I just need to paint them and swap out the vents and headstrap when they come in and they are IDENTICAL!

Take a look...


All 10 sets of goggles that I bought have arrived and I've already swapped out the parts for my own personal set to make it screen accurate. Take a look:

Now I just need to do that 9 more times and paint them up and I'll be done!

Here are the other 9 I'll be modding before shipping them off to people who have ordered them:

Anyone else find it funny that I currently own more accurate goggles than the creators of Dr. Horrible? :P

5 Dr. Horrible Headstraps FOR SALE!

UPDATED! Okay, I now have FIVE red, black, and white zig-zag headstraps (identical to the one worn by Dr. Horrible) in my possession.

If you want one for your costume or collection. They cost $25 each and that includes shipping to you (In the USA) so let me know if you want one and I'll send you the information. I'm also open to Dr. Horrible trades! So if you have something you think I might want that is Horrible-related, let me know and if I'm interested, we'll work it out.

Here's a pic of my current collection of accurate parts just so you know what the straps look like.

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"Perfect" Dr. Horrible Replica Goggles...

Hey all, I'm new around here, but not to the world of Dr. Horrible.

I happen to bear a resemblance to the good...errr, Bad Doctor so I've recently embarked on a journey to create the perfect Dr. Horrible costume (In red).

The first major obstacle, as you are all aware is the goggles. I happened upon a few old sets of wrong-model Fibre-Metal goggles from the same time period to cannibalize the proper zig-zag headstrap and vents, threw them on a different goggle body, pulled eyecups from another set of goggles (I have accurate Fibre-Metal eyecups coming in to replace my current ones soon), and finally began crafting a T-shaped spring hinge and lens hinges, and still have to make my faceplate and flip-front out of plastic instead of matte board, but it's almost there.

The only things left to do are reshape the front T-shaped spring hinge to make it more accurate, finish the faceplate, and paint the body.

I know the body shape isn't exactly the same, but as my only option to get a complete screen accurate piece would be to vacuum form a piece of more rigid plastic for the body, I've opted to go for comfort over 100% accuracy (Though I may still make a 100% accurate set just to have around).

So, what do you guys think so far of my little work in progress...

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